Monday, July 19, 2010

P90X Back and Shoulders a return after months

Here are my Stats for my return to the X
Round 1
Push Ups-31
Wide Front Pull ups-22
Military Push Ups-40
Reverse Grip Curl Ups-17
Wide Push Ups-17
Close Grip Pull Up-21
Decline Push Up-12
Heavy Pants (heavy heavy band) 10
Diamond Push ups - 18
Lawn Mowers r8,l10
Dive Bomber-15
Back Fly (purple band) 10
Wide Front Pull up-15
Push ups standard- 35
Reverse Grip Pull up-18
Military Push Ups-311
Close Grip Pull up-20
Wide Fly push ups-12
Heavy pants -10
Decline Push up-10
Lawn mower 10,10
Diamond Push Up-18
Back fly (purple band) 10
Dive Bomber 12
Ab Ripper X 15 Minutes

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