Thursday, August 15, 2013

Zucchini Bread for Mir.

Hello there, so you're looking for some sort of recipe for Zucchini Bread eh. I do hope its healthy. Mine would generally be gluten free but this one I'm going to do whole wheat or non bleached. I really fancy organic flours. Cheers 3 c flour, organic whatever you can find. I know your markets differ. pinch salt, I like Salish or the Himalayan big pinch cinnamon, don't be shy its good for sugar levels and metabolism big pinch of nutmeg .5 cup of sugar of your choice or mashed nanas .5 cup apple sauce, so if your da has an apple tree go press or food process some apples and voila you've got apple sauce. lemon zest and juice couple eggs or omit, you can add a banana if you like 2 cup grated zucchini nuts or no nuts, i like using cran or other bits 1tsp soda and 1tsp bake powder Mix dry and wet separately then Combine Heat oven to 350 25-30 or until it looks done.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

French Macaroons for Miranda

Ingredients 6 egg whites room temp .5 cup castor sugar, you know the white C&H stuff 3 1/3 pow sugar , its so fluffy I want to live in a cloud of powdered sugar. 2 cups finely ground almonds (almond meal is easy too) Place the egg whites in a bowl and mix until frothy. You can use a stand or hand mixer too this is much easier. Beat in the castor sugar until it forms nice peaks. Sift the powdered sugar and almond meal in another bowl Quickly fold it into the the egg and sugar mixture until properly mixed, (don't over mix though) sing the abc's slowly and it should be mixed properly. Here's the fun part Put a few spoon fulls of batter in a piping bag and see if your batter is ready Pipe a wee bit on a baking sheet about an inch to an inch and half across . If this bit of batter holds a peak, return all of it to the bowl and mix some more. You want the batter to flatten immediately. If the batter looks like meringue you need a bit more folding. If the batter is ready, return it to the piping bag with a round attachment and pipe little rounds evenly spaced on your baking sheet IMPORTANT Leave those piped rounds out for an hour or two, let them form a hard skin Preheat your oven to 290 bake them until they are just set not darkened Brown=bad 8-10 minutes really depends on the oven For coloured macaroons add a few drops of natural food colouring to your egg mixture Bon App├ętit

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fresh Apricots

Natasha Just asked for a few recipes so here goes No sugar Jam 2lbs of apricots (adjust as needed) Couple tablespoons of lemon or lime juice no sugar fruit pectin quarter cup of your favourite juice three quarter cup water Put the cut apricots, juices, lemon , pectin, and water in a pot bring to a boil, stir frequently to let the apricots break down. Simmer until the consistency you fancy is present. place into jars, tubs or whatever, cool and put in the fridge. You have jam yummo. For a bit more fun try adding separately to the jam during the boil habaneros cinnamon raisins currents ginger other fruits

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bienvenue @tartangourmet and @avegasvegan go to Paris Day 1 We have arrived in Paris. The first thing I have to say about traveling, is that I'm not as young as I used to be. I used to stay up all night and sleep on the airplanes. My body did not like this time tested method of travel. I was mostly sick the entire trip. Thank you Colitis. We departed the house early and arrived at the airport late. We checked in, boarded and all was well. I remember international travel to be much more of a pain. It seems a load more streamlined than in the past. We boarded a Delta flight to Detroit. The first leg seemed easy enough. I loaded my Microsoft Surface with a load of movies and tv shows. The flight was interesting. To our right sad a large dark fellow who seemed to be playing a very special game in his sweat pants. I am pretty sure he won, we lost , bloody gross. Our bumpy flight landed early in Detroit. I'm not surprised as there was enough of a tail wind to push us to Europe 3 hours ahead of schedule. We deplaned and headed to our next flight. Julie and I stopped for some wet wipes, a diet soda, and two Crispin ciders. My body was fighting me every leg of the trip so far, though I'd self medicate a wee bit. We boarded our next plane to Paris. Uneventful flight, oright food, Julie knicked all of the flight blankets she could. Souvenirs are best when they're free right? Hurray we're in France. Customs, Collected our bags, then bad a near two hour Cab ride to the city centre. Cabbies drive like they're in the Italian Job. I felt like this man was no exception to that. He was shifting and breaking Need for Speed style. Our hotel is brilliant. They weren't ready for us, as we arrived quite early. We had them stow our bags for a later pickup. I cleaned up in the closet sized loo and headed out to explore a bit. One stop at the drug store so Julie could get something for her throat. The past couple of days she's had a phone sex voice. She promises me that she hasn't been chain smoking anything. We crossed the road from the chemist to find a nice little pub called the Louis the XVI . Had a couple Perrier's and relaxed a bit. Julie disappeared into the bathroom. Oddly enough I saw the chef come from the same door she entered, She later told me that there was a hole in the ground and no locking doors. She seemed rather put off by this discovery, I too would have been put off if I didn't have my condition and didn't bloody where I deposited. We enjoyed the most expensive of Perrier, "doesn't it come from France?" Said Julie. Paid 6E for the two bottles. The doors were wide open at the cozy pub, we commented at the surprising number of people smoking as they walked by. Mind you we live in Las Vegas Nevada. Smoke seems to billow out of buildings at home. The French seem to smoke like its their bloody job. Bit more of a walk and we found ourselves at a lovely little illy coffee shop. Every shop here boasts brilliant menus. The desserts, and meals in the window looked delicious. Julie paid a euro for delicious coffee and we were on our way. Our bodies were overly tired, still felt like we were on a boat, swaying brains. Having walked and read about a dozen menus, we started to walk down alley ways, finding more and more little cafes to delight our adventurous foodie spirits. We stopped at the most delightful place called Fauchon Paris. They have a wine bar downstairs, a full service restaurant upstairs, and in the middle the best chocolate, dessert, Loose tea, and loose coffee boutique. We ended up purchasing one of the best Oolongs I've ever had. The leaves are full and unfurl into these delicate green yeah brilliant. We ended up at a British pub called the Cricketeer. The pub had a brilliant beer selection and I went with a cider. The food there was not pub style. All the Parisians ate their hamburgers with a knife and fork. The fare was brilliant. Julie ordered the Greque salad and Fromage Blanc with a coulee. The Fromage blanc was actually a goat yogurt with a fruit puree. Her salad was amazing. Fresh Feta cheese, cucumbers, and a dressing that just kissed the lettuce. The freshest salad I've ever had. Thank you French version of brit food, I need you at home. Julie and I had our drinks and returned to the hotel. The room is quite small but to be expected. The shower, however, is the size of well just me, If you are a person of size you won't fancy the shower. We took a nap, I say nap but what I really mean is an exhaustion passing out. We fell asleep at four, expecting to go out later that night, and awoke the next day. Julie was quite disoriented, wondered where her pets were. Day 1.2 really its day two but I thought to just make it a continuation of day one due to time lapse nap.. Cheers for now I hope my colon cooperates today. Off to the Eiffel and later dinner at Fauchon for Julies Birthday.