Friday, July 16, 2010

sample meal plan for weight loss with exercise.

2/3 cup oatmeal

½ c banana

1 c nonfat milk

Fruit or veggie w

1/4c cot chee or yogurt

3oz turkey meat

whole wheat bread

1 c fruit juice

½ c broth based soup

½ c jello

1 c fresh fruit

3oz skinless grilled turkey breast

baked pota, 1c mixed veggies

1 c fruit

¾ c brown rice

2 waffles with lt syrup 2/3 c OJ

1 tbs PB on Celery

2 oz Ham

whole wheat bread

light spread

baked tater

½ c fruit

Bran muffin (fat free) ½ c lowfat milk

½ slice pizza with a salad and lowfat dressing or yogurt dressing

1c fruit orveg

1c Oat cereal with 1c Fruit and 1c Fatfree milk

Cliff or balance bar

½ turk chili

1oz lf chedder

½ sourdough roll

½ c fruit

1 c milk

½ frozen yogurt

5 oz grilled or broiled salmon

1c veggies and roll


3 egg whites piece of toast with butter or spread of nutella

2/3 c oj and 1c nf milk

½ c plain peanuts

3 oz tuna

light mayo on wheat bread

1 c fruit juice

A rice cake and some peanut butter 1 tbs

4 oz red lean meat


mixed veggies steamed

Bagel with lf cream cheese

1c milk 1c fruit

2/3 OJ

1 chobani yogurt

(its heaven)

Baked potato wee bit of SC or butter

turkey hot dog and bun light spread

½ c frozen yogurt

wee piece of angel food cake

2 c pasta, light red sauce marinara

2 oz broiled chick breast

mixed veggies

romaine salad with lf dressing or yog dress

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