Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Gluten Free Cauliflower Crust grilled cheese

This also makes an amazing pizza Crust, low carb and flour free.
 3 small Heads Cauliflower, stems removed. All sprouts had tonight was small ones. I mean like barbie sized cauliflower and all flower
. Cheddar Cheese Flax Meal Salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, garlic

Cut the florets away from the stalk and save it aside for whatever else you may want to do with it. You'll not need it for this recipe, but don't waste. Wash the florets in the strainer and throw them in the food processor. Rice em. Chop them up in the processor until they resemble rice or chopped garlic, don't over process.
Once you've got your cauli riced, throw it in a big pot and cook it. Don't add water just let it cook in its own juices. This will also help get rid of some of the moisture later. Once its cooked grab a tea towel and place a handful in the middle of the towel. Wring the hell out of the cauliflower, you want to get rid of as much moisture as possible. This is also how you make hash browns. Once you've got your dry meal of cauli, mix in a couple tablespoons of flax meal, spices, and about a half cup of cheddar. The cheese and flax will act as binders. I know loads of people call for eggs but I would rather not use them. On a cookie sheet make a layer about 1/4 inch to a bit more thick. Cut into squares and place on another well olive oiled cookie sheet. Bake 450 degrees for ten minutes, then flip, bake another ten minutes. Once they're toasted and more pancake bread like. Make a Grilled cheese. Little butter in a pan, melt, throw a slice down and put grated cheese on the top, another cauli bread atop that. Enjoy Its late and I wrote this on my phone so sorry for my swype incorrect bits.